Speaker Profile

Jacob Kelley

Queer Inclusive Sex Educator,

Jacob Kelley seasoned diversity and inclusion expert with over 10 years of experience in creating inclusive environments for various organizations. My passion for LGBTQAI+ inclusivity stems from personal and professional experiences, driving me to educate and empower others. My qualifications include:
  • Bachelor's degree in psychology and Communication
  • Masters Degree in Human Sexuality Education
  • Ph.D. Student – Human Sexuality Philosophy Expect, May 2025
  • Extensive training in LGBTQAI+ issues, sensitivity, and allyship. Sitting on several nonprofit boards, such as the Eastern Pennsylvania Trans Equity Project
  • Collaborative work with prominent LGBTQAI+ advocacy organizations, for the last seven years
  • Facilitation of numerous diversity and inclusion workshops for multinational corporations, including the Unity States Navy
  • A commitment to fostering understanding and acceptance in both corporate and social settings

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